5 Tips to Fall Head Over Heels in Love With Yourself

5 Tips to Fall Head Over Heels in Love With Yourself

Self-love is a phrase that is getting thrown around a lot at the moment but what does it actually mean? Why is self-love important? And how do you learn to truly, head over heels love yourself?

Well first of all don’t get self-love confused with self-care. So, what’s the difference? Whilst self-care is an important part of having a good relationship with yourself it is only by definition the things you do to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Self-love on the other hand is the appreciation, acceptance, and love of ones’ self.

You might be thinking I don’t hate myself so I must have this self-love thing down pat but know there is a difference between liking oneself and loving yourself.

In other words, you might feel good when you’ve got a spray tan on or have lost a couple of kilos but how do you feel about yourself when you have an acne breakout or put on a bit of weight? If the answer is pretty bad then you like most of us are only liking yourself, you haven’t yet mastered self-love which remember is the appreciation, acceptance, and love for yourself… even if you still have bit of a tum from all the Christmas ham (yes I know it’s February but I really like ham!).

If your relationship with yourself is only that of a mutual friend then don’t fret, we’ve got 5 tips to help you fall head over heels in love with yourself!

1 – Do What You Love and Do It Often

By taking time out of your busy schedule (regularly) to do something that you enjoy, you will help give yourself the love and care you deserve. You never know what you will enjoy until you try it, so give a new hobby or experience a try.  Also try things by yourself and learn to enjoy your own company instead of relying on others to bring you happiness.

2 – Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a bit like the ‘Yes Man’ movie, if you say yes to everything that comes your way chances are, you’re going to do some things that are not in your benefit like giving a homeless guy your car and being stranded! Saying yes to everything and constantly doing things to help others can wear you down when you need to learn to reserve some energy for yourself and take care of you. If you do a total 360 and start to say no to everything you will find that no new opportunities come your way and that you can fall into bit of a rut so learn to balance your yes and no’s and set boundaries.

3 – Learn To Forgive Yourself

Everyone is their own worst critic so learn to forgive yourself when you do make a mistake. Beating yourself up over things you’ve done in the past is detrimental to your relationship with yourself. Instead learn to accept your mistakes and move forward, also learn to give yourself credit when it is due and celebrate your wins.

4 – Journaling

Daily reflections will help you process and accept all your positive and negative emotions. Getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper can help you think clearer and overcome negative experiences by focusing on the positives. Looking back at past thoughts and feelings can help you look at how you copied with certain situations and help you develop better-coping strategies in the future.

5 – Self-Care

Self-care is different to self-love but is a super important part of having a good relationship with yourself. By taking care of yourself you’re giving yourself the best version of you, and you only deserve the best! Remember self-care isn’t just about face masks and pedicures. Though these things are fun to do we also need to consider our other physical needs like good sleep and healthy foods and most importantly our mental health. By taking care of your mental health you are improving your self-acceptance and self-esteem which will lower depression and anxiety.

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