How to Reduce Your Anxiety and Look After Your Mental Wellbeing in a Crisis

How to Reduce Your Anxiety and Look After Your Mental Wellbeing in a Crisis

The endless news headlines about COVID-19 and toilet paper shortages are everywhere you look at the moment and it’s not surprising everyone is starting to feel overwhelmed and stressed! These unsettling feelings can take a toll on your mental health and lead to unnecessary anxiety. Keep reading for tips to help control your anxiety during times of crisis and learn how to take better care of your mental health.


Take Care of Your Body and Practice Self-Care

Self-care has never been more important than in times of crisis or as Katie Reed puts it “Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” Be sure to take care of your body and listen to your own needs!

  • Fuel your body with healthy foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Allow your body to rest with a full night’s sleep (this is 8 hours or more)
  • Get moving with some exercise you find fun

Remember self-care isn’t just about your body’s physical needs, so don’t forget to take care of your mental health by finding time to unwind and do something you enjoy.

  • A hot bath and a good book (hot water stimulates a feeling of a hug and who doesn’t like hugs?)
  • Meditating (will help you slow down your thinking and let you process your thoughts)
  • Gratitude journal (this will help you keep a positive perspective on things)
  • DIY pamper session (when you take care of yourself you feel good)
  • Reflecting on your feelings and journaling your thoughts (this will help you process your emotions)


Fact Check Your Thoughts

If you find yourself getting caught up in the fear and stress that comes with the uncertain times you are not alone but worrying about things that are very unlikely to happen is a waste of your energy. Be sure to stick to the facts and don’t believe everything you hear as it may not be from a reliable source! The best places for facts during a health emergency are;


Take Breaks From The News

Seeing the endless headlines or talking about COVID-19 constantly may be leading to unsettling feelings and anxiety. Social media, TV, newspapers and more are here to keep us up to date but too much can take a toll on your mental health. Try setting daily news limits, take breaks from social media, or politely ask for the topic of conversation to be changed.


Keep a Positive Perspective

You may find that when you are around certain people you feel more anxious and stressed about the current situation. This is because feelings are contagious, or in other words; you are picking up vibes that others are putting down. Try to change the flow of your conversation with some positivity by talking about uplifting subjects like a recent movie or book you really liked. For a friend or family member who is particularly anxious, you could suggest some of the tips in this blog to help reduce their stress or recommend they seek further help.

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