Lauren Kerr’s Self-Love Tips for Filling Your Cup

Lauren Kerr’s Self-Love Tips for Filling Your Cup

At Kind Cards, we believe self-love is just as important as your morning cup of coffee – it’s a necessity! But sometimes it can be hard to keep our cups full. So, we decided to get a ‘cuppa’ of self-love tips from the pro Wellness Coach, Lauren Kerr from Life Above Zero. 👇

I think self-love starts with being compassionate and understanding towards ourselves and realising that we can’t always be hustling and achieving. Life works in ebbs and flow, and it’s super important to acknowledge that! 


Having a morning routine

I honestly believe the best gift you can give yourself is a morning routine. Whether its 15-minutes or an hour, I try to start every day by carving out some time to fill up my cup.  For some people that means you might need to wake up a little earlier or get out of bed before your kids do, but it’s well and truly worth it. 

I’m constantly speaking to women from all walks of life about becoming the best version of themselves, and morning routines are something that always comes up. Introducing some kind of meditation, visualisation or gratitude at the start of the day is a simple way to get yourself into the right mindset before tackling the day ahead.  These simple acts mean you are reconnecting with your goals every morning and reminding yourself of what’s important to you, before the world tries to tell you something different. 

Invest in you and prioritise your own health and happiness

This one might sound super simple, but plenty of women (especially mums!) are constantly putting everyone else’s needs before their own. But realistically, self-love isn’t selfish or a luxury – it’s a necessity. You are no help to anyone when you’re burnt out, depressed or sick. Imagine how freeing it would be if everyone just took radical responsibility for their own health and happiness rather than being a burden on their family and friends? 

✔️ My tip for you is to remember you are worthy of investing in

✔️ You matter

✔️ Your health and happiness is important

Start by asking yourself, what is one thing you can do today to be a healthier and happier version of yourself? I like to start my morning by moving my body, meditating and nourishing my body before starting the day. What could you do? If you need some help working out what you could do to make yourself happy, I have a free happiness test here. It only takes half an hour to do but is a great place to start to work out how you can best invest in you this year.

Put some time aside this week to look at your money

I know for plenty of women, this isn’t a fun job! It’s much easier to stick your head in the sand and try to ignore it, but getting comfortable and familiar with your finances is super important and one of the greatest acts of self-love. Have you heard the saying “Your self-worth is a direct reflection of your net worth”? I’m sure you can all relate!

When you don’t have money, you feel anxious, scared and worried. So, getting on top of your finances is the easiest way to feel empowered and to discover that next level of self-worth. 

Do yourself a favour and put some time aside to look at your money and get your 2021 budget sorted. I see so many women giving their power away by not being empowered with their own money and find themselves in really difficult situations or relationships.  

Protecting your energy

Do you know how to say no? Are you okay with saying no? Every time you say yes to something that you would rather not do, you’re actually saying no to yourself. The thing that most often comes at an expense of saying yes, is time for you.

That’s time for you to work on your goals, time for you to put aside to prioritise the things you deem important like your friends, your family, your health, your happiness, or time for you to rest yourself. 

I would love for you to focus on being really protective of yourself and your energy this year - Consciously investing your energy with people who love you, support you, lift you up and cheer you on.

Say yes to the people that enrich your life and be okay with saying no to the people and things that feel like they’re constantly taking from you. Say no frequently, firmly and consciously. And ask yourself, does this energetic exchange feel fair? 


Lauren Kerr is a Life and Mindset Coach, Author, Blogger, Speaker and Mentor for thousands of women around the world who want to create a ‘Life Above Zero’. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours and is an International accredited Neurolinguistic Practitioner.


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