I’ve been on my own healing journey for many years now. I think perhaps we are on this journey from the day we are born, especially for people that have been through childhood trauma or generational trauma – which unfortunately, most of us have.  I’ve experienced anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual harassment and more… But for […]

Do you believe you’re not enough for those around you? Do you feel like a fake and fear being caught out? Do you downplay anything you’ve worked hard for and believe it was only luck? Do you feel like you don’t deserve the things you have? Do you fear judgement, so you don’t try at […]

Paige Grint shares her story of living with over compulsive disorder (OCD) and how she overcome post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after 7 years in an abusive relationship.

Leon Stensholm shares his heart breaking story of his brother, Deano’s suicide and his mission to raise awareness about suicide and mental health.

Liz Pepper from Colour of October, shares her battle with chronic pain and how she fights it day by day with her passionate creativity.

Candice Brodie shares her story of how she overcame her self-hatred and self-doubt to fall in love with the person in the mirror.

Alicia Evans shares her endometriosis story along with her fertility struggles, mental health challenges and how she overcame these to find her sunshine and happiness again.

Zara Hawley, the founder of Kind Cards shares her personal struggles with mental health, self-esteem and finding her purpose in the world.